Processo di Creazione

At TTANTI our focus is to carefully create with passion and focused dedication. One of our pillars is to give respect to the time necessary to create a product worth remembering.

Step 1. Design

Prior to the production of our watches, we wanted to develop a simple, striking and harmonious design. For that we had the help of the designer, Rodrigo Bravo.

Step 2. Wood selection

The wood is harvested directly from fallen trees in Patagonia and selected to guarantee the quality and perfection that a quality watch deserves.

Step 3. Ring making

All wooden rings go through a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure accuracy in the preparation of each piece.

Step 4. Polishing

Each individual ring is carefully hand polished to achieve an optimal finish.

Step 5. Leather strap manufacturing

We work with Patagonian artisans to select the leather and manufacture the straps. Our artisan's hands transfer the essence of their passionate work and the Ttanti brand to each watch.

Step 6. Assembly and integration

All internal and external watch components are assembled by Swiss watchmakers, certifying the proper functioning of the product in every detail, from the complex clockworks to the integration of the wooden ring in the stainless steel case.