TTANTI Unique Watch

Unique Watch

A unique watch tells a story about the man wearing it. It says you're not swayed by what's trendy, it says your personality goes deeper than surface appearances. A unique watch tells the story of your authenticity - you do what's right, not what's popular. A unique watch lets your character shine through, shows you are grounded and firm in your beliefs.

At TTANTI we are proud to say our watches are built on the roots and stories that have defined the wild and wonderful Patagonia for centuries. From the brave past adventurers, exploring the icy lands, to the native inhabitants, to the achingly beautiful landscapes of ice, mountain peaks and towering trees, a TTANTI encompasses that complex and magnificent history. Wearing your unique watch from TTANTI puts you in a rare category of someone who can appreciate the immense history and beauty of a region and the past it holds, while at the same time can look to the future for progress, innovation and the bettering of our world.

When you wear your TTANTI you are not only reminded of all that has come before you, but also that you are building the next layer of the story of humanity. With each passing minute your TTANTI is a reminder that your presence matters, that your existence is important and that you have a say in the direction our world is turning. We are built on the roots and stories of the past, but we continue to forage for progress, innovation and for the good of our world. The unique watch on your wrist is not just a timepiece, it is a reminder to live the life that makes you proud. To live the life that honors the memories of the past and that proudly pushes forward for a better future for all the world.

So as you look down at the unique watch on your wrist, what will you work towards today? What's important to you as you journey around the sun? How will you harness this incredible gift of time, of seconds slipping past you, to pay homage to those who have come before you? How will you make the most of the minutes in your day to set the world up to be more beautiful in the future? We're only granted so much time on this earth, and at TTANTI we're doing our best to make the most of it.

Darwin White Watch

Une montre créée pour les observateurs qui aiment être connectés avec leur environnement.

CLP $183.000

Darwin Black Watch

Une montre créée pour les observateurs qui aiment être connectés avec leur environnement.

CLP $183.000

Magallanes White Watch

Une montre faite pour les courageux qui n’ont pas peur de prendre des décisions.

CLP $179.000