Graduation Gift for Boyfriend REGALO

Graduation Gift for Boyfriend

Graduation gift for boyfriend? What could even begin to adequately mark these last several years in school? How can one gift possibly encompass all the blood, sweat and toil he’s put into this degree? How could one tiny graduation gift for boyfriend really show him how much you admire him and his diligence? Could that really be wrapped up with a bow?

He’s been working so hard for so long. He’s spent countless nights studying until the break of dawn. He’s given up so much, made so many sacrifices that you wouldn't even begin to know where to start listing them. He’s been so laser focused on his goals. He’s poured so much effort into this degree that any graduation gift for boyfriend won’t do. Your boyfriend deserves something to mark his achievements. Something that shows you’ve noticed all his dedication, respect the man he’s making himself into, and are proud of his perseverance, even when times were rough. This graduation gift isn’t hollow  - this is the acknowledgement and celebration of your boyfriend’s dreams coming to fruition.

Your boyfriend’s graduation gift should combine the qualities you love in him: principled, respect of traditions, unique, dedicated to quality and ready to take on the adventure. At TTANTI, we’ve got you covered. Combining the adventurous spirit of Chilean Patagonia with the time honored quality of Swiss craftsmen, a TTANTI watch will perfectly encompass all the traits your boyfriend so readily displayed as he worked towards graduation. This graduation gift for your boyfriend will speak volumes without saying a single word.

At TTANTI we respect the dedication that goes into following your passion. We’re keenly aware of the hard work it takes to achieve your dreams, as we have poured ours into this watch. We’ve spent countless days and nights working on our craft so we could offer you a product that would reflect and celebrate the same in you and your loved ones. A watch unlike any other, a TTANTI shows that careful thought and consideration went into choosing the perfect gift to mark such an important milestone.

Darwin White Watch

Une montre créée pour les observateurs qui aiment être connectés avec leur environnement.

CLP $183.000

Darwin Black Watch

Une montre créée pour les observateurs qui aiment être connectés avec leur environnement.

CLP $183.000

Magallanes White Watch

Une montre faite pour les courageux qui n’ont pas peur de prendre des décisions.

CLP $179.000