Caring for your TTANTI

Caring for your TTANTI

Your TTANTI is a piece of art - built to honor the beauty in the traditions of the Swiss and the Patagonians, it will change over time and only become more special if you show it proper care. Just as a fine heirloom table made of wood should not be taken sledding, your TTANTI should also be shown respect and love. Just as that heirloom table will develop burn marks from too hot dishes at Thanksgiving or an upset toddler bangning his fork, your TTANTI will also collect memories.

The wood for the ring on your TTANTI was selected for durability and treated specially in order to last. However, wood is still wood and demands a certain amount of respect and understanding of its natural state. Scars will develop on your TTANTI and instead of being a flaw, are just about the natural aging process of an antique in the making. Take care with your TTANTI - high impact sports or a day spent swimming in the ocean is not the time to wear your TTANTI.

In order to keep your TTANTI in tip top shape periodically rub the wooden ring with a teensy tiny bit of wood polish. Should you develop a nick in your wooden ring take a super fine grain sandpaper and smooth it out to prevent it from catching on your clothes, etc, and then rub with a bit of wood polish. Should you need to clean your leather strap, carefully wipe it with a damp cloth to remove sweat/dirt and then massage a small amount of leather conditioner into the leather. Cleaning the glass face to your TTANTI should be done with a damp cloth, and if necessary a small amount of glass cleaner. Just take care to spray the cloth and not your TTANTI directly.

The artisans who created your TTANTI transmitted passion and dedication through their hands into your spirit. Your TTANTI is not fragile, it should be used and worn and loved, but it is a piece of art that commands respect. Our hope is that you will pass your TTANTI down for generations, imparting the mysticism of Patagonia on those you love the most.

Reloj Darwin White

Reloj hecho de madera de aromo, para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $183.000

Reloj Darwin Black

Un reloj hecho de madera de aromo,
para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $183.000

Reloj Magallanes White

Un reloj de madera de lenga pensado para aquellos valientes que no temen tomar osadas decisiones en sus vidas.

CLP $179.000