What does TTANTI mean?
TTANTI means seed in Kunza, because we want to plant an emotion that evokes the philosophy we deliver.

Kunza is a nearly extinct language from northern Chile and we have developed the brand making use of this language, in order to give tribute to the ancient cultures of our country.

What does FSC means?
FSC, Forest Stewardship Council is an American quality seal to certify the responsible use of native forests.

In Chile, the agency responsible for overseeing and granting this seal is CONAF.

Where do the watch accessories come from?
All the watch parts like the movements, hands, crystals and crowns are made and assembled in Basel, Switzerland.

Are the watches water-resistant?
Each watch is 3ATM water resistant, meaning that it can resist splashes and rain, but is not suited for higher levels of humidity. Is not appropriate for activities like diving, showering or situations where the watch is 100% submerged.

Can I use the watch for sports?
TTANTI is a watch brand for everyday dress, so you should not wear it if you’re doing activities with higher levels of stress on the watch.

Can I change the strap?
We designed NATO straps for each watch, allowing the user to change it with no complications. The width is 20mm and 200mm and 250mm for the length.

What elements are handmade?
The leather straps are 100% handmade by Chilean artisans. We create our wooden rings with specialized machinery and then apply specific work by hand to ensure the highest quality.

How long does the battery last and how do I change it?
Our Ronda 715 movements use batteries with a life of three years. If replacement is necessary the back is suited for any watchmaker to open and replace with a new battery.