Watch Online

We are your eco-friendly Watch Online Headquarters! Or, at least we’re trying to be! Why? Because e-commerce is good for the planet and we’re always seeking out ways to be gentle with the earth. TTANTI is born from the earth and beyond being generally good people who care about sustainability, we’re also aware that should our planet crumble in climate change shame, we too shall crumble and go out of business. And so, we forge ahead seeking to be your Watch Online headquarters. :)

How is E-Commerce saving the planet? Well, maybe not saving, but at least helping? Let’s go through the ways:

E-Commerce prevents an actual storefront, which reduces carbon emissions by preventing the need to heat, cool and light a physical space. Plus, we don’t have shop workers commuting in every single day in their gas guzzling cars.

Paperless billing and office work. When you don’t get a paper receipt for an instore purchase and we don’t print 300 useless pages for meetings we’re saving a few trees in the process. (And btw, all paper we DO use is 100% recycled and compostable, including our boxes and receipts are sent via email.)

When you shop online you’re ALSO preventing gas guzzling cars from hitting the road, filling the air with carbon emissions. Yes, a delivery truck has to come to your door but they map out with incredible detail the most efficient and cost effective (read: least $$ on gas) routes to take. One truck out instead of 87 cars heading to the mall? Yeah, we’ll take that trade off.

Fewer impulse buys. When you’re in the mall for just one thing, do you ever actually end of coming home with just one thing? We didn’t think so. While everyone needs (and deserves) new things every once in awhile, our crazy consumerist lifestyle is adding to landfills in epic proportions. Yes, you might need a gift for your dad (hey, TTANTI!) but do you need those new running shoes? Or that dress? Probably not. When you head to your Watch Online headquarters you come out with just what you need and no more.

Interested in learning more? Head over to GreenBiz to read more about how e-commerce is joining in the fight against climate change.  

Darwin White Watch

A watch made for those who are observers and have a special connection with their contexts.

CLP $183.000

Darwin Black Watch

A watch made for those who are observers and have a special connection with their contexts.

CLP $183.000

Magallanes White Watch

A watch made for those who are brave and are not afraid of taking decisions in life.

CLP $179.000