Perfect Gift

This Christmas did you receive the perfect gift? Was your perfect gift wrapped all nice and pretty under the Christmas tree just waiting for you with bows and ribbons? Did Santa leave you something that made your eyes light up and your heart go pitter patter? Or was this another year of tacky sweaters from your Aunt Joan and useless paperweights from cousin Steve? Another year feigning excitement as you open gifts? Has the perfect gift alluded you yet again? Well, maybe it’s time to change things up. It’s time for the perfect gift.

Not to be ungrateful, but giving the perfect gift is pretty darn hard. Your family loves you, but it’s next to impossible to see someone once or twice a year and somehow magically know what their definition of the perfect gift is. They meant well, of course. Aunt Joan probably thought that tacky swear would bring out the blue in your eyes and cousin Steve was probably so excited about his own awesomely fantastic paperweight he just figured you would love it, too. Hard to be angry at people who love you and do nice things for you, right? But still, it’s disappointing to open another useless gift. It’s sad to think of someone spending their hard earned money on something you don’t want, don’t need or can’t use.

So let’s flip the scrip. Get your own perfect gift for yourself this year and accept with gratitude the crummy gifts from your family. Return them, regift them, donate them to charity, sell them on Craigslist or repurpose them. And then, go buy your own perfect gift. One that speaks to your heart, one that showcases your values, one that encompasses your personality and your dreams for the future. This year your perfect gift can make you smile every time you bring it out.

This year treating yourself to a high quality, unique timepiece is the ultimate luxury. Combining the best of traditions and materials from wild Chilean Patagonia and precise Switzerland, a TTANTI is truly the perfect gift you can give yourself this year. So forgive the tacky sweaters and paperweights. The act of giving was their way of showing love, the material item doesn’t matter. This year you can give yourself the perfect gift: a TTANTI.

Darwin White Watch

A watch made for those who are observers and have a special connection with their contexts.

CLP $183.000

Darwin Black Watch

A watch made for those who are observers and have a special connection with their contexts.

CLP $183.000

Magallanes White Watch

A watch made for those who are brave and are not afraid of taking decisions in life.

CLP $179.000