Living in Patagonia

Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere off the grid? Somewhere remote, somewhere that no one will bother you? Have you ever dreamed of waking up in the mountains, breathing fresh air all day and falling asleep to the gentle sounds of nature right outside your window? Growing your own food, living off your land? Do your dreams include the vivid greens of untouched lands and the crystal clear waters of pristine lakes? Us too. That’s why we’re living in Patagonia. It’s home, and we’re not going anywhere.

The wild, rustic and untamed land in the south of Chile is the home to dreams and mysteries. Down here our land is rarely explored and never tamed. Living in Patagonia is akin to living on the edge of the world. We’re as far away and as remote as you can get. And we wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re proud to bring you the gems of our land, our wood from previously fallen trees that have borne witness to centuries of mysticism and the natural leathers native to this land, saved from scrap. Our artisans, born and bred in this land, transmit the spirit of living in Patagonia to the TTANTI on your wrist.

While wearing a TTANTI on your wrist isn’t exactly living in Patagonia (and heck, it doesn’t have to be!), it’s a reminder to chase after what’s important to you. Maybe that’s spending more time with family. Maybe that’s pursuing work that you are truly passionate about. Maybe that’s taking your efforts to protect the environment. Maybe that’s reading, maybe that’s cooking - whatever it is, live your life with the passion and purpose you deserve. The TTANTI on your wrist is a constant reminder that you should take advantage of every passing second. Your life is built moment by moment. Your dreams are meant to be fulfilled.