TTANTI Wooden Watch

What’s behind our wooden watch? Why did we chose to avoid the typical materials of watch making and instead decide to make a wooden watch? I’m so glad you asked! We have three core beliefs that led us to working with wood.

One: We have our roots in Patagonia and are proud to bring the wood of our mysterious and mystical homeland to you. These noble trees have borne witness to centuries of life. From the dinosaurs that once roamed this icy land, to the native nomadic tribes, to the European explorers of yore, history was made in the midst of these trees, legends were born under these trees and lives have been forever altered in the shade of these trees.

Two: We are great believers in the patient and passionate work of Patagonian artisans and consider it privilege to work with them to make your TTANTI. The traditions that have sustained Patagonians for centuries, working with the noble woods of Aromo Criollo, Patagonian Oak and Lenga, are respected and valued here at TTANTI to make your wooden watch. We believe in innovation, but are also keen to protect the traditions of the past for generations to come. Carefully hand chosen wood, laser cut for precision, hand sanded and polished and then put together by the gentle and caring hands of our Patagonian artisans.

Three: The icing on the cake is that here at TTANTI we are committed to sustainability, leaving Patagonia better than we found it, and doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint. There are countless ways we do this in our everyday operations, but to use our actual product for the betterment of Mother Earth? Bingo! Our method of harvesting previously fallen trees has been certified sustainable. We’ve committed to never cutting down trees and instead use what has fallen to not only bring you high quality, but also eco-friendly material.

So why did we decide to make a wooden watch? I suppose the answer is that we could not be true to our values without making a wooden watch.