Where is Patagonia?

Where is Patagonia?

I’m so glad you asked. It’s way down south. Miles and miles from the big cities of Santiago and Buenos Aires. On the edge of the continent, just begging to join the icy continent of Antarctica. It’s where the people start thinning out and the trees start increasing in frequency. Patagonia is where the glaciers outnumber the apartment buildings and the penguins outnumber the pigeons. But for us at TTANTI Patagonia resides somewhere much deeper, it has crept into our souls and rests there providing a peace and a spirit of gratitude wherever we go.

Where is Patagonia? It’s on a crowded and bustling city street, when you sit down at a cafe and take a moment to disconnect and smile at your surroundings and the local flavor. 

When you drink up the rich espresso, savoring every last drop, appreciating all that’s happening and swirling around you.

Where is Patagonia? It’s at the nursing home

You’d planned to just stop by to drop off a check for next month’s expenses, but instead, you stay a while. You sit and chat. You pour a second cup of coffee. You listen a little longer, smile a little more easily and feel your heart growing just a little more fond, even as you know the sun is setting.

Where is Patagonia? It’s on a frantic weeknight at your home. 

Dinner isn’t made, the house is a mess, the kids are running around screaming, the laundry has piled sky high and instead of getting on top of your to-do list, you drop it all and chase after your kids. Instead of panicking, you’re playing and soaking in these little moments because you know they won’t be little for long.

Where is Patagonia? It’s on your run.

Yes, your average morning run around the neighborhood to try to keep fit. Every time your foot pounds the pavement it’s the gratitude running through your soul that you’re able bodied, able to feel these endorphins swimming through your blood. It’s appreciating the garden your neighbor has lovingly planted, the sun rising steadily through the clouds, the breeze cooling your brow. It’s all the little things adding up to make life sweet.

Where is Patagonia? It’s on your daily errand list.

You thought you were just picking up the camera from the shop - fixing the broken lense. But really, it’s marveling at the skill it takes the artisan to fix such a delicate piece of machinery. It’s appreciating all the little moments your camera has captured, the moments that make up your lovely and adventurous and ordinary and very meaningful life.

Patagonia is in all of us. It’s deep within each and every heart. It stirs up gratitude and love, appreciation and peace, marvel and joy. Find your Patagonia today.