What to get boyfriend for Christmas?

What to get boyfriend for Christmas?

Maybe it’s your husband, or your brother. Perhaps your dad or father-in-law? Some guys are hard to buy for. Actually, some guys are impossible to buy for. It’s the age old question: what to get your boyfriend (husband, brother, FIL, etc!) for Christmas. Nothing like a little angst to go with the holidays, right?

If your Christmas gift recipient is who we have in mind, they’re self sufficient and prefer experiences to material things. They love exploring new destinations on vacation, but love the holiday traditions they’ve built year after year with their families. They crave adventuring in far off lands, but appreciate just as much coming home to their faithful dog. They enjoy a night out at the trendiest sushi restaurant, but never turn down a bowl of their grandmother’s homemade stew.

So when it comes to “things” for these guys? If your boyfriend needs something, he’ll go out and get it himself. And adding another Christmas snowman paperweight to his desk isn’t going the pack the punch you’re looking for. They appreciate a gift with meaning. A thoughtful gift that combines their forward thinking, adventurous side with their respect for tradition.

What to get your boyfriend for Christmas doesn’t need to be a struggle. A TTANTI is the unique gift your modern yet traditional man deserves. A TTANTI’s clean, modern aesthetic is coupled with the deepest traditions of Patagonia and Switzerland. Carefully created by artisans in both Patagonia and Switzerland from sustainable materials, a TTANTI is a statement for a man who respects both innovation and time honored customs. It’s an eco-friendly wooden watch that would look just as good with a suit as it would with hiking boots. It’s a watch with a story, and it’s a watch you can craft to your own story.

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Un reloj hecho de madera de aromo,
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