Patagonia Country

Welcome to Patagonia Country. We’re way down here, right at the edge of the world, just before you head off into Antarctica. The massive trees that have borne witness to explorers from across the globe outnumber the people, the numerous and fascinating birds of varying species outnumber the sky scrapers and the gigantic icy blue glaciers outnumber the cell phone towers. Well. At least for now, they do.

Things are simpler down here in Patagonia Country in some respects. We’re not part of the rat race, our commutes are non-existent and a traffic jam consists of an alpaca crossing the road right in front of you. We’re not rushing to compete with anyone, we’re not jumping on the latest trends or technologies. We’ve emphatically accepted a different pace of life.

But don’t get us wrong. Life is not easy down here. Life in Patagonia is shrouded in its own breed of mysticism, it is clouded with its own form of challenges. The legends about this land are not without merit and scraps of truth - while we’ve previously broken down some of the tall tales vs. truths, there is an undeniable auro in the south of Chile that cannot be felt elsewhere.

We feel this land deep in our souls. Our home is our inspiration, and why we work so hard at what we do. We believe in the spirit this land carries, and are never surprised when we see it listed again and again as the top travel dream destination. We welcome you to come experience this land for yourself, and would be thrilled to see you carry a little piece of it with you when you go.If your travels will take a little longer, pop by our online store and we’ll send a little piece of Patagonia Country right to your door!