Luxury Brands

Luxury Brands

The term “luxury brands” should be relatively easy to define. They shouldn’t be clouded in mystery - a faceless factory making you want to buy things you don’t need with splashy advertisements. Luxury brands should be reputable, honest and have craftsmen and women creating goods with dedication to their work and passion for quality. Isn’t that how you would prefer to think of luxury brands? Goods from luxury brands should add elegance and refinement to your life. They should remind you of the important things in life, and not keep you from them. Luxury brands should be transparent to let customers know where their goods came from. Luxury brands should envelop your spirit, your ideals and your way of life.

At TTANTI we combine the spirit of Patagonia with the precision of Switzerland. It’s more than just a tagline to us, it’s how we have come to grow into our luxury brand status. We’re transparent on our production process because we want you to be confident in the product you’re wearing, certain of its heritage. Luxury brands should take their craft seriously, and at TTANTI we are fully dedicated to making high quality, unique and elegant pieces for the modern man.

What do we mean when we say we are combining the spirit of Patagonia with the precision of Switzerland? Our watches have several components that are directly traced back to their roots. First, the leather straps on our watches come from high quality leather craftsmen in Patagonia, Chile. The leather is treated in an all natural way to age elegantly as you wear the watch. Furthermore, our craftsmen work actively to prevent scrap material from ever being sent to the landfill. Our meticulously laser cut wooden rings are also sourced from Patagonia, from trees already fallen. Certified by the American Forest Stewardship Council, we are proud of our quality seal certifying the responsible use of native forests. We are similarly certified by CONAF, a Chilean organization ensuring the proper usage of native forests. Finally, our timepieces are made in Switzerland, from craftsmen who have dedicated their lives to the art of accurate time telling. Precision in watch making takes on a whole new level with a TTANTI Swiss made timepiece.

What do you demand of your luxury brands? Unique products? Well made products? For us, a luxury brand should add joy to your life, it should envelop your spirit, through high quality pieces. At TTANTI, we proudly embody the definition of luxury brands.

Reloj Darwin White

Reloj hecho de madera de aromo, para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $183.000

Reloj Darwin Black

Un reloj hecho de madera de aromo,
para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $183.000

Reloj Magallanes White

Un reloj de madera de lenga pensado para aquellos valientes que no temen tomar osadas decisiones en sus vidas.

CLP $179.000