What does luxury mean for you? How would you define luxury? Does luxury bring up images of caviar and champagne? Is luxury a butler with a silver platter waiting on you hand and foot? Or perhaps luxury is chauffeured black sedan to a fancy dinner party? Maybe luxury to you is a mansion on the beach. Or an expensive chalet in the mountains? While those things might appeal to some, in our minds here at TTANTI the ultimate luxury this time. Luxury is time to spend as you wish. Luxury is time with those you love. Luxury is time spent doing what you are passionate about. Luxury is know your time is yours and yours alone. Luxury is harnessing time and making the most of every last second.

Time cannot be purchased at any cost. Time cannot be replaced or redone. Time cannot be changed as it only marches forward. Time ticks away at the same rate no matter your social status, no matter how much power you have, no matter how much you beg. Luxury is all about enjoying that which is rare or hard to obtain, and time is the only thing that money cannot buy, cannot replace and cannot change.

At TTANTI we recognize that time is a precious luxury that should not be wasted. We’ve dedicated our company to recognizing the ultimate luxury and helping you keep it at the forefront of your mind. We know that every passing second cannot be rewound or redone. We’re passionate about keeping our passions, our goals and our priorities in clear view. A TTANTI on your wrist should remind you that the true luxuries in life are not things. They cannot be bought. They cannot be picked out of a magazine or sold by a department store. True luxury is not flash and glitz and glam. Luxury is making the most of your limited time to be true to your ideals, yourself and those you love.

This holiday season, use your gift to remind your loved ones that time is the ultimate luxury. Remind the people that you love to spend their time wisely, to not waste a single second on negativity or pessimism, but rather to relish is joy and love. Remind them to savor the luxury that is time.

Reloj Darwin White

Reloj hecho de madera de aromo, para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $179.000

Reloj Darwin Black

Un reloj hecho de madera de aromo,
para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $179.000

Reloj Magallanes White

Un reloj de madera de lenga pensado para aquellos valientes que no temen tomar osadas decisiones en sus vidas.

CLP $169.000