Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas 

If you’re looking for Father’s Day Gift Ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re all about showing the people we love how much we care, and dads certainly deserve a day of recognition. If you’re tired of the coffee mugs and ugly ties, the homemade cards and paperweights, we’ve got a list of Father’s Day gift ideas that will be sure to delight even the pickiest dad.

Your dad deserves a break. I mean, he puts up with you, right? ;) If you’re a pain in the neck and you know your dad needs a vacation, we’d like to suggest a gift card from AirBnB. Chances are you can’t afford to send your dad on an all expense paid trip, but even a small nod in that direction will probably ease the tension in your dad’s shoulders and help him explore a new corner of the globe.

Talk a walk with your dad. Spend some quality time together getting some fresh air and exercise. And get him some new sneakers while you’re at it, buddy! Our friends at Ecoalf make incredible eco-friendly and sustainable sneakers. You’ll probably want to get a pair for yourself, too!

Is your dad a music lover? Is he still using the earphones that came with his phone, long after they turned slightly gray and got a little too grimy? Get him a pair of House of Marley earphones, a company that is dedicated to earth-friendliness and a commitment to global charitable causes that promote peace and unity.

Springboard your dad into the future by getting him Amazon’s Echo. Alexa can send messages, call people, play music and give you the weather or traffic report. Plus! She can turn on your sprinkler system, control your lights and even close your garage door. Double bonus points if you set it up for your dad so he actually uses it.

We couldn’t put together a list of gift ideas without reminding you about the amazing men’s fashion at VIRTU. Whether your dad needs a scarf, a shirt or a pullover, they’ve got you covered. Dedicated to fair wages, ethical conditions, being environmentally friendly and making men look classically fashionable.

A spin on a classic Father’s Day gift, a TTANTI watch will put the spirit of Patagonia on your father’s wrist. Serving as a constant reminder to value what’s important in life, your father’s TTANTI combines the traditions of southern Chile with the precision of Swiss watchmaking.

Your dad deserves a small token of your love, right? Putting just a little bit of thought into your gift this year is sure to put a smile on his face. Have you had any really great successful gifts in the past? Or perhaps a huge blunder? Tell us in the comments!