Celebrity Watches

Who do you admire?


Who do you seek to emulate? Are you a follower of trends, or do you blaze your own path? Do you look to others to define what you wear or do you wear what makes you feel confident and like yourself? When it comes to how you style yourself do you look to the rich and famous to see what’s in, or do you rely on your intuition? Do you seek out your favorite actor’s hairstyle? A singer’s jeans? Football player shoes? Celebrity watches?

There are some things about stereotypical celebrity watches that are a given - everyone could agree on what they look like and what they stand for. Everyone agrees what certain style statements say about their wearer, how they define their wearer’s personality and values.Celebrity watches are ludicrously expensive. Covered in diamonds and dripping in gold. Celebrity watches are ostentatious and loud. Celebrity watches are heavy and meant to draw attention. They’re made to stand out and define your personality instead of letting your personality speak for itself.

Here at TTANTI we challenge you to blaze your own path. We want you to become your own version of celebrity. We want you to wear your values on your wrist and change what celebrity watches look like. Proudly state that your worth is not from diamonds and gold and all that glitters, but from knowing that quality comes from trusted and talented artisans who are using timeless materials to create a watch that mirrors your personal values and personality, instead of defines it.

At TTANTI we believe your watch should be an extension of yourself and shouldn’t overshadow who you are deep down in your core. We believe your watch shouldn’t speak for itself, but should instead let you do the speaking with your watch quietly backing you up showing that actions speak louder than words.

TTANTI watches are responsibly made and combine Swiss and Patagonian traditions. Made following time honored practices by artisans who respect their craft, a TTANTI is for those who are confident in themselves and their choices. A TTANTI is for those who break from the trends and instead seek to create their own style. A TTANTI is for those who are recreating what is seen as a celebrity watch.

Reloj Darwin White

Reloj hecho de madera de aromo, para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $183.000

Reloj Darwin Black

Un reloj hecho de madera de aromo,
para aquellos observadores que aprecian una conexión con lo natural.

CLP $183.000

Reloj Magallanes White

Un reloj de madera de lenga pensado para aquellos valientes que no temen tomar osadas decisiones en sus vidas.

CLP $179.000