Best Chilean Brands

Our little skinny country of 17 million people is home to some incredibly talented artisans - from the obviously wine and beer scene to delicious olive oils, from comfy lounge wear to high end fashion - we’re proud to bring you a list of some the best Chilean brands. Have some others you love? 

Chilote Shoes are not only the most comfortable and cozy thing you’ll ever put on your feet, they’re also an incredible social business helping to preserve the traditions and cultures of female artisans from Patagonia. Ethically produced and made with environmentally sustainable practices your Chilote Shoes are sure to become an instant favorite for the whole family.

Who doesn’t love a good beer? Sometimes it is just so darn satisfying! Kunstman Beer is our beer of choice. Brewed in the hip university town of Valdivia in southern Chile by a German-Chilean family, this high quality beer has been satisfying Chileans since 1990. Now being exported worldwide, ask for it in a store near you!

Katankura Olive Oils & Truffle showcases the best of the blossoming Chilean food scene: truffles! Grown in the foothills of the Andes, these truffles are then combined with high quality olive oil to make a truly delectable treat.

Inspired by nature using recycled and sustainable materials Karun Sunglasses are a fashionable way to stay close to Mother Nature. Using ethical production methods to produce their super chic sunglasses line, Karun works with rural entrepreneurs to help their recycle their waste into their production line, meanwhile helping the entrepreneurs fund their goals. Win win win.

La Joya Women’s Fashion is the brain child of Luz Briceño. Born and raised in Santiago, Chile she eventually moved to Barcelona to study and then start her fashion label. Now back home in Santiago Luz designs incredible fashion for women that is not just beautiful, but is also a made ethically as she pays all her employees fair wages and works with sustainable and natural materials.

Did we miss someone important? Who do you think are the best Chilean brands? Tell us in the comments!