5 Quick Tips for Your Ultimate Patagonia Packing List

It’s no secret that Patagonia has conditions that change by the minute. From snowing to sunny in under an hour, from sweltering to freezing over the course of a kilometer. We like to be prepared for anything down here in Patagonia. If you’re planning your trip to our homeland we hope to take out some of the guesswork of what you’ll need to feel comfortable and happy. Of course, your packing list for Patagonia will vary widely based on what your activities will be when you’re down here, but if you’re doing a typical three or four day trekking/camping/hiking that draws so many to our shockingly beautiful land of Torres del Paine, we have the tips you need to pack like a pro.

1.-Clothes for Trekking

Layers are your friend here. Merino wool or specific trekking fabric is your best bet - sweat wicking and weather adaptive will go a long way towards making you comfortable. 

-Underwear and hiking socks for each day of your trek

-3 or 4 lightweight, long sleeve sport shirts (even in warmer temps you’ll want long sleeves to protect from the strong sun)

-2 layering tanks

-1-2 Waterproof hiking pants (bonus if they can zip off to shorts)

-1 warm fleece jacket/pullover

-1 waterproof shell or warmer jacket (only you know your threshold for cold!)


-1 hat with sun brim

-1 warm stocking cap

-Heavy duty waterproof hiking boots

-Flip flops for campsite showers

-Long underwear style pajamas

2.  Trekking Gear

No surprises here -- you’re going to need to stock up on professional equipment to make sure you’re set for the trek. Check second hand stores and used websites for deals on barely used gear to save some bucks and be a little more eco-friendly.

Large, lightweight trekking backpack (bonus if it comes with a rain cover and straps for your sleeping bag/mat)

-Two or three large ziploc or waterproof bags

-Warm sleeping bag and foam mat

-Collapsible water bottle and steripen (water from streams and rivers in Patagonia is almost always potable, but a steripen will put your mind at ease)

-All weather tent

-Headlamp or flashlight (solar powered is a bonus!)

-Lightweight camping stove

-Fuel for stove

-2 lighters

-Collapsible bowl and collapsible cooking pot


-Collapsible camping mug

-Short length of nylon rope (for drying clothes or securing items to your tent/bag)

-Camping knife/Leatherman

3. Toiletries

You’re not on this journey to look good, that’s obvious, but no packing list from Patagonia would be complete if you didn’t feel comfortable, got horribly sunburnt or lacked some basic hygiene necessities. ;)

-One roll eco-toilet paper

-Toothbrush and toothpaste

-SPF 50

-Basic skin recovery cream (wind burns and sunburns are no joke)

-Heavy duty lip balm

-All purpose soap

-Quick dry towel

4. Food

You’ll need food for every day of your hike, plus a lot of snacks. Pack lightweight but nutritionally dense foods like dehydrated soups, oatmeal, dried fruit, cereal bars, etc. There are some options for buying food before you enter the national park, but if you are very specific make sure you bring your food from home. Please note however, Chile is extremely strict with their agriculture controls, so make sure you check with Chilean SAG regulations before you bring in, for example, bananas - a huge NO.

5. Miscellaneous

Sometimes you need to throw in the kitchen sink!

-Solar charger

-Camera w/ extra memory sticks (waterproof camera or w/ a waterproof case is a bonus)

-Notebook and pen for writing down memories

Of course, everyone is different, so adjust your list according to your comforts! Maybe you need more, maybe you need less -- just remember, Patagonia is sparsely populated and there isn’t a Walmart in sight. Certain items may not be easy to find here if you’re particular! But in the end? You’re going to immerse yourself in the most pristine and raw location in the world, and that’s something all the gadgets in the world can’t make up for. As your trip draws to a close, and you ache to take home a piece of Patagonia, of this wondrous land that has changed your life and your perspective, head over to our online shop to keep a piece of Patagonia with you. You’ll smile every time you catch a glimpse of our homeland on your wrist.