4 lessons learned working with an international team

TTANTI was born in Patagonia, a land where foreign wanderers coexist with local, ancient traditions. We combine the natural and noble materials of Chilean Patagonia with the time-honored tradition of Swiss watchmaking. Our models are named for foreign explorers keen on discovering what lies just beyond their comfort zones. It thus comes as no surprise that our everyday team at TTANTI is also comprised of a multinational and multicultural group of passionate people, all with explorers’ hearts, and a deep appreciation for both the natural world and the traditions mankind has passed down from generation to generation.

Our founder/CEO hails from Chile, and has deep roots here. His love and pride for Chile is a core reason we exist in the first place. His appreciation for the exploring history of Patagonia led to assembling a team comprised of global nomads. Chileans in Chile, of course, but also in Chile one team member from France and one from the United States. Our European team is comprised of one French, one German and one French/German, all living in Austria. From everyone we’ve learned new lessons, we’ve gained new experiences and together we have expanded the global mission of TTANTI.

From the Germans we’ve learned the comfort of focused, dedicated work and the immense satisfaction that comes from truly pouring all your energy into a task and seeing the end results completely exceeding your expectations. The Germans have brought to this team a sense of pride in perfection, a desire to never deliver less than what we are capable of. We’ve channeled this into bringing you the highest quality products possible, making sure every detail is perfected with patience and passion.

From the French we’ve learned the gentle art of enjoying and delighting in the small pleasures. Looking through the French lense we see and soak in the tiniest details that add up to making life joyful and beautiful. We’ve delivered this luxurious passion into the meaning behind TTANTI, letting the watch on your wrist serve as a reminder that all the little moments come together to make this a content and wistfully beautiful life.

From the American we’ve learned the unbridled passion of thinking big and moving boldly with confidence. The “why not?” attitude intrinsic to many Americans has brought TTANTI to trying new things, scraping new things, trying again new things, going back to the drawing board, failing, and then finally succeeding with no excitement or devotion lost along the way. The American way of thinking that obstacles and boundaries are part of the path to success has kept TTANTI happily focused and determined in moving our brand forward with a positive and hopeful attitude.

From the Chileans we’ve learned the importance of preserving the national heritage of Chile, specifically the storied history of Patagonia and its noble landscapes. This land serves as our base, as our inspiration, and the Chileans on our team have imparted upon us a heartfelt appreciation for every rock, mountain peak, forest and stream crisscrossing this land built amidst ancient traditions and mysteries.

We’re grateful for the crisscrossing of heritages and backgrounds and are always seeking to learn more about how to best serve our mission of bringing you a quality timepiece that holds within it a reminder to take advantage of every second of your beautiful life. With open hearts and minds we’re proud of what we’ve built and excited for the future. Bring on 2018!